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Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans
Tube Axial Flow Fans
Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans Tube Axial Flow Fans

ट्यूब एक्सियल फ्लो फैन्स

10500 आईएनआर/टुकड़ा

उत्पाद विवरण:

  • ब्लेड सामग्री Cast Iron
  • इंस्टालेशन टाइप
  • पावर सोर्स
  • वोल्टेज वोल्ट (v)
  • स्पीड मोड 1440- 2800 rpm
  • नहीं। ऑफ ब्लेड्स 6
  • रिमोट ऑपरेटेड
  • अधिक देखने के लिए क्लिक करें

ट्यूब एक्सियल फ्लो फैन्स मूल्य और मात्रा

  • टुकड़ा/टुकड़े
  • 1

ट्यूब एक्सियल फ्लो फैन्स उत्पाद की विशेषताएं

  • 1440- 2800 rpm
  • 1 Year
  • Cast Iron
  • 6
  • वोल्ट (v)

ट्यूब एक्सियल फ्लो फैन्स व्यापार सूचना

  • प्रति दिन
  • दिन

उत्पाद वर्णन

Axial flow fans are specially designed and manufactured for optimum relation between air quantity and power consumption and to meet the exact demands of commercial and industrial ventilation in hot, humid, dusty and corrosive environments.

Construction :

The cylindrical casing of fans is fabricated from mild steel plates or stainless steel with adequate size for fine clearances as is practicable for better efficiency and fitted with flanges on both the ends. Foot mounting arrangements to facilitate installation of the fan, on the ground of frame look.


Impeller :

The impeller of axial flow fan is made of cast in aluminum alloy and dynamically balanced and aero foil of blade is designed to have maximum efficiency at lesser motor Power.

Motors :

The standard make A.C motors are totally enclosed squirrel cage induction type suitable for ambient temperature up to 40A C. Flame proofs ( IIA/IIB/IIC) , vapor tight, Class F, Class H and other motors can also be supplied on request.


Bearing :

Ball or Ball and roller bearings are fitted as standard.

Driving Arrangements :

There are two types of drives a The direct drive arrangement or V a Belt drive arrangement. 

The direct drive arrangement, impeller and motor are both housed inside the casing and impeller is directly mounted or motor shaft.

V. Belt Arrangement a The impeller mounted on a separate shaft supported on two ball bearings and Plummer blocks inside casing. The motor is mounted on outer ring of the casing and shaft is driven with V- Belts.

Hot Air & Gas Application :

Fan is suitable for air and gas up to temperature of 65A C. or Between 65A C and 150A C the fans are made up of V a Belt drive arrangement and are equipped with special high temperature lubricated ball bearings.

Technical specification

  • Available with Fixed & Variable Pitches Impeller

  • Larger sizes also available on demand.


Salient Features:


  • Cost effective

  • Large air volumes

  • Low power consumption

  • Easy to install

  • Low maintenance

  • Can be connected to Duct

Extra Features on Request

  • Available in Direct Drive & V-Belt Drive

  • Long and short casing

  • F.R.P/rubber lined for corrosive area

  • Gravity Louver/Bird Guard (Front/Back)

  • Special Paint Finish

  • Motor Class ( FLP With IIA, IIB IIC or Class F, Class H ect.)

  • Any Special stand

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